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Blue Ribbon Results Child Care Center, Inc. was established to provide holistic, brain-based educational services for preschool aged children (2.5 years old to Kindergarten). These services are designed to develop students' spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical capacity so that all children will perform to their full potential.  

Blue Ribbon Results Academy is a brain-based preschool that was birthed out of the love and compassion for children who struggled to read, write, and solve basic math problems. Blue Ribbon Results’ curriculum is aligned with the Virginia Department of Education. Our PreK lesson plans are created with a combination of the knowledge of the standards and principles of brain-based learning.

You may feel confident in knowing that Blue Ribbon Results Academy is in the business of "Nurturing Children and Developing Minds. One Brain at a Time!" 


Sheila Tillett Holas, EdD

CEO/Executive Director

See what Blue Ribbon Results Academy Achieved using this New Brain-Based Curriculum


Kindergarten Pass Rate

100 %

K students reading at 1st - 7th grade level


of students mastered memory scriptures


K students scored end of year 1st grade-end of year 2nd grade math, science, and social science 


K students in advanced placement classes in Grade 1


*Data is based on parent surveys from 2014 - 2020

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