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Vision Statement

Blue Ribbon Results CCC will provide a quality education and set a spiritual foundation that will foster an unwavering love for God!




Mission Statement


Purpose Statement

We believe that a sound early childhood education program should focus on all areas of development. No one area – social, emotional, physical, cognitive or spiritual development – should be emphasized to the exclusion of any other area. To promote such growth, we strive to maintain a curriculum and daily schedule that is child-centered and uses real-life experiences. We believe that teachers should serve as facilitators of learning by providing essential time for students to inquire, discover, and practice learning. When a child is engaged in problem solving, asking questions, and discovers the correct answer, they will more than likely begin to understand how they learn and transfer that understanding to new situations. This is what we call “optimal learning.”

Blue Ribbon Results Child Care Center, Inc. was established to provide holistic, brain-based educational services for preschool children ages (2 through 5 years old). These services are designed to develop students’ spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social, and physical capacity so that all children will perform to their full potential. The bottom line is, we “Nurture children and Develop Minds, One Brain at a Time.”

Blue Ribbon Results was birthed out of the love and compassion for children who struggle to read, write, and solve basic math problems. The founder’s experiences and education led her to believe that it was not that students could not learn, but that educators have not acquired the capacity to teach students the way their brains learn. Thus, the founder trained extensively for 12 years in Brain-Based research, to include the principles and strategies in hope of developing an instructional program that would deliver significant results. Existing data shows that when teachers consistently use Brain-Based principles to engage students in Brain-Based learning, student achievement is raised. Blue Ribbon Results Child Development Centers’ instructional program utilizes knowledge of 14 Brain-Based principles of learning and 7 instructional strategies, Virginia Early Learning Development Standards (ELDS), and the Bible to create a holistic learning experience for all students. The Bible says that “Jesus increased in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man.” This passage reminds us that just as Jesus grew as a total person, the boys and girls in our school have the same developmental needs. Thus, focusing on the whole-child is the practice of Blue Ribbon Results Academy.

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